Why Colour Coding is a great way to move or store

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Moving is already an exhausting experience, so why not simplify the process as much as possible? Using color-coded Home and or Work labels, stickers or even duct tape, allows movers

(or your friends) know exactly which room to place each box without having to ask or guess while trying to decipher on the box scribbling. Brightly coloured stickers /tape are easily identifiable and they stay put on boxes while your items are in transit, saving everyone time and energy.

Allows easy access:

When packing up to move or packing up for storage, being able to group boxes together by colour coding will not only help your unpacking but accessing your goods as well. Instead of rummaging through a number of boxes, clearly colour marked boxes makes it easy when looking for kitchen essentials first or helping find your Christmas decorations in storage.

Colour Coding