• How does TCW Self Storage work?

    Whether you renovating, moving home, relocating or looking to maximise your work space, TCW Self Storage offers you a range of storage solutions which are personalised to suit your individual needs. We offer individual MSU (Cube) storage, a range of warehousing storage, undercover car, boat and caravan storage.

  • What is MSU Storage?

    One of our most popular storage solutions is our MSU Unit. MSU is defined as a Mobile Storage Unit, which is an integral part of making our services convenient, secure and persnonlised. After our free initial assessment and quote approval, our MSU unit / units are brought to you in our specialised trailers.

    Our Simple MSU (Mobile Storage Unit) Storage provides a quick and simple storage solution in 4 simple steps:


    Our Professional Team will meet you at your location with the number of MSUs that correspond to your quote.


    Your designated storage goods will be carefully packed and loaded under the supervision of our on site manager giving you peace of mind your goods are not only going to be safe but secure. Once your MSU has been carefully packed, you will then personalise your MSU by locking it with your own unique lock and the keys will remain in your possession.


    Once loaded your goods are carefully transported back to our warehouse in Epping Cape Town.  Here your MSU is allocated to a specific lot which enables quick and easy access as and when you need. Whether temporary or long term your goods will be stored safely and securely.


    Delivering your goods back to you is as easy as a phone call. We deliver the MSU back to you where you unlock the MSU with your key and we’ll help you unpack!


    In addition to our household, business and relocation storage we also provide storage for boats, caravans, cars and trailers. Access to mobile storage is provided when and as you need. Let TCW Self Storage provide you with a simple and stress free storage solution. Send us a mail: hello@tcwstorage.co.za or call us on 021 534 7029 and let us help you get organised!

  • How big is a mobile storage unit (MSU) and how many MSU's do I need?

    Our storage boxes (MSU’s) are 1.5m Wide x 2.15m Deep  X 2.3m High, which equals 3.5 square metres. As part of our service we offer a free consultation whereby one of our trained team members will come to you and help design a storage solution that’s right for you.

    Please click on the link below to help you get an estimation of how many MSU’s you will need.

    MSU estimator

  • How does TCW Self Storage work?

    We offer a wide range of packaging materials to cover your needs from start to finish.  We are happy to help plan your packing requirements at our free consultation with you. Please see our full range of packaging materials from boxes, bubble wrap, tape and more on the link below.

    Box Sizes and Pricing

  • How big is a storage box?

    Our storage boxes are 1.5m Wide x 2.15m Deep  X 2.3m High, which equals 3.5 square metres.

  • How many boxes will I need?

    Please click on the link below to help you get an estimation of how many boxes you will need.

    Box sizes and pricing

  • How do I gain access to my goods once in storage?

    Viewed at our warehouse:

    Call us 24 hours in advance. We will collect the storage box you wish to access and place it in a open zone ready for you to un-lock and access when you arrive. Movable lighting will be provided for you should you require this.

    Calls will not be accepted after 2pm and this service will only be available on weekdays.

    Delivered to you:

    We will need 24 Hours notice and we will deliver your requested storage box to you in a trailer and leave this with you. A maximum period of 2 hours will be allocated for the use of our trailer, thereafter there will be an hourly charge of R75.00 for the rental of the trailer.

    Normal Delivery and collection charges will apply.



    • We arrive at your designated location.
    • We load your goods for you into your MSU (Mobile Storage Unit)
    • We store your goods in our secure warehouse with 24/7 Video Surveillance
    • We return your goods to a designated location
    • Affordable Rates
    • Situated in Epping Cape Town
    • Long Term and Short Term Contracts
    • Locally Owned and Operated
    • Boxes and Storage Supplies
    • Deliveries Accepted
    • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Is my storage box protected by the weather when it arrives at my house?

    Yes, the box will be delivered to you in a weather proof trailer, where it will remain whilst with you. The trailer is fully lockable, so it is safe if the packing is taking place on the street.

  • What am I allowed to store in my box

    Anything really with exception to perishable or hazardous goods. See the list below for guidance on what not to put in your box but if you are un sure, please contact our office for advice.

    What not to put in your box

    Food stuffs

    Unsealed Liquids, paint

    Perishable goods

    Waste, toxic, pollutants, contaminated goods

    Firearms, munitions, explosives, fireworks,

    Radio-active materials

    Gas Bottles, aerosols or items that emit fumes or odours

    Humans, plants or animals

    Harmful chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides

    Please see our storage Hints and Tips Blog post

  • Is there a limit to how long I can keep the goods on your property?

    Not at all, as long as you like.

  • Do I need to insure my goods whilst at your premises?

    Your goods should be covered by your existing home owners policy but you should check with your insurance broker.  Please Click Here for more detailed information regarding insurance.

  • Where is TCW Self Storage and why is the location beneficial?

    Our safe and secure storage facility is situated at 7 Benbow Avenue Epping1 Cape Town. Our central site provides a close and convenient location to several major highways in and around Cape Town, this makes TCW Self Storage an accessible location to several areas in including the City Centre, Pinelands, Table View, Milnerton, Bellville and the Southern Suburbs to name a few. Our location does not limit us to servicing outlying areas such as Langebaan, Hout Bay, Somerset West and Simons Town. An important consideration when choosing your storage location is your monthly storage charge, TCW Self Storage offers a highly competitive rate as we are not subjected to central town or residential pricing, but rather an affordable industrial warehouse price structure. At TCW Self Storage we endeavor not only to provide you with the best service in getting you organised but also at an affordable solution that suits both your needs and your wallet!



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